Small Business Branding

Brand Identity

Do you have a logo? A great brand identity can attribute to your success, help with business cards and promotions.

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Branding Concept

Do you have a branding concept? What colour scheme do you want to use on your website and throughout your marketing material? Does it fit with the nature of your business? Matching everything to your corporate identity is far more important than you may first think.

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What Makes Your Company Tick?

Branding creates an image of your business or services in the mind of your potential customers or clients. Consistency and recognisability is the key to success and exposure. So what is it that makes your company stand out from the crowd?

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Branding Strategy

Branding creates the image for your business, it covers everything from look and feel of your website, right through to core messaging to, allow you, to be distinctive, relevant and welcoming to all of your target markets.

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Branding Proposals

After brainstorming with key players in your business, a proposal can be made to cover your overall brand strategy thinking. One that you can build into your marketing plan, for both online and offline mediums, such as; brochures, design for print and website design. When everyone in your organisation is singing off the same plans is when you are most likely to achieve success.

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Social Media

Our Social Media consultancy can fall inline with your branding needs, to ensure you are making a clear message and really know who your customers are.


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Branding For Your Business

Design - Attract - Engage

So you have a start-up business, your funding is in place now you need to consider your corporate image and identity. What will you have as your logo? What does it symbolise? Is this clear to your target market?

You may already have taken steps for your logo and promotional materials to be designed.

If you have not quite got that far, it's no problem. We can assist you with branding, to suit the look and feel, you want for your business for both print and online media. Contact Us for a call back to discuss branding.

Do you know what clear message you want to portray to your target market?

You may or may not already have a website. Are the colours in-line with your branding? Does your clear message stand out within the wording of your website pages? Can you tell your customers a compelling story to enable them to remember your brand? Contact Us for a call back to discuss website building.

Everybody loves a good story... your potential customers are no different. Crafting compelling brand stories to ensure your business stands out, from the crowd, and is memorable, takes much internal communication and brainstorming. Once your storytellers have created this - what's next?

You need to consider how your customers will perceive your stories, if they will feel engaged and compelled to click on a buy button, join your mailing list or get in touch, to provide you with an enquiry.

You also need to decide on the tone of each story. Remember you need to know who your customers are, what may or may not appeal to them and to ensure you have a professional, humerous, witty, inspiring or an interesting tone in order to capture the attention of potential customers, to stop, look and love your brand.

Test out your stories, monitor their success! See what works and what does not, if an idea will not work or is not working, and it is clear to us or someone internally in your business, then the key is... do not be afraid to say so. What matters is getting it right, not who did something wrong/that did not work. Define and re-define your strategy as your business grows.

If an idea achieves sales - even when internally it is thought to be initially a bad idea - is it really such a bad idea? Achieving commercial results rather than chat, buzz, likes or followers is what really matters and what you want to invest in.

Midpoint Design offers start-up Branding consultancy where, you can take control of your own branding and, know how to monitor your own successes. It's your business, your success! Contact Us for a call back to discuss branding.

If you create buzz, chat, likes and followers online and your branding strategy is in place. Are you using these platforms effectively?

How do you market your business online socially?

Depending if your focus is business to business or business to consumer, there are many social platforms out there which can work to your advantage.

When your audiences grow, you can then begin to capture the attention of your fans, portray your clear messages and start pulling visitors to your website. More importantly, getting conversions.