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We cannot stress enough the importance of the need to measure and monitor a variety of different metrics, to achieve online marketing success. Logging into many different platforms/websites to gather your data, becomes a very time consuming task. With Midpoint Design's SEO monitoring platform, you have all your data, in one convenient place, 24 hours a day.

If we are looking after your SEO, you get to see results, plus have peace of mind that your website's SEO is being actively, worked on. It may be that;

  1. You want to do your own SEO.
  2. Manage an in-house team.
  3. Want to work smarter and faster.
  4. Channel your approach
  5. Pull data for report creation.

Whatever your reason, with our SEO monitoring service you can measure a wide range of metrics, save time to work on other tasks, with the data all in one place with scheduled reports, daily, weekly or monthly.

Our monitoring service extends beyond the realms of SEO. You can monitor email campaigns, calls, reviews, paid advertising and more. All of this for just £35 per month.

website monitoring software

SEO Monitoring Services

Doing your own SEO? No problem, use our monitoring software to really give you valuable insight, into the effectiveness of you or your teams work. As a manager, this data is highly useful for you; to utilise when monitoring KPI's, return on investment and proof of actual results or improvement towards goals.

Ranking Monitor Monitor 50 different keyword positions in search engine results for; Google Desktop, Google Mobile, Google Local and Bing.
SEO Audit Audit your website for SEO issues which affect your websites ranking in the search engines, work to fix them or get us to do this for you.
Backlink Checker See all the links around the web that point back to your website, see the anchor text, trustflow and citation flow. Depict which backlinks are providing your website with good strength to help with your rankings.
Backlink Manager Add potential backlinks, for you to work on or, as an SEO manager for your team to work on. See links which are published and those which are yet to be built. With our monthly SEO service you also get backlink recommendations added to this section.
Competition Monitor Monitor up to 10 of your customers websites, see their trust flow, citation flow, how many pages they have indexed in the search engines, how many domains link to them, how many backlinks they have. You can also see how many keywords your competitor has in the top 10 positions in the search engines.

seo monitoring software

Analytical Monitoring Services

Google Search Console Increase organic traffic, fix crawl errors and gain actionable insights. Analyse click through rate (CTR), Monitor top queries by individual keyword and see those which have generated clicks and impressions, track crawl errors per page, category and response code, analyse how Google crawls your top website pages, audit average SERP position. Use this data to make tweaks for traffic gains.
Google My Business Access a wealth of Google My Business search data. Metrics include direct vs discovery searches, search vs map views, and historical searches/views by date. Compare recent trends with previous periods to monitor for broad changes in your marketplace. While searches and views are crucial, customer engagement is the next step in any GMB page conversion funnel. Measure customer actions including website clicks, requests for directions, and phone calls. See exactly how your audience engages with your business. Measure audience sentiment for your clients with Google ratings and reviews.
Bing Webmaster Tools Identify the search terms that deliver the most value. Analyse metrics like average position, impressions and clicks. Use this information to determine where you should focus your SEO efforts. See which web pages generate the most clicks, impressions and have the highest average position. Crawl errors can be detrimental to your SEO strategy. It's a tedious process to monitor errors across all your clients. Quickly navigate between each campaign, so you never miss another crawl error damaging your search engine rankings.
Google Analytics Not all traffic is created equal! Certain channels might account for a small amount of traffic, but drive the lion's share of conversions. Make well-informed, data-driven decisions on where to focus your marketing efforts. At the same time, view a crystal clear analysis demonstrating the value that you're generating via each channel. Visitor demographics can lead to surprisingly specific takeaways. Traffic from iPhone 6s users showing a high bounce rate? The site may be formatted improperly for that device's display. Audience gender skewing unexpectedly one way or the other? Boost conversions by tweaking the site messaging accordingly. Analytics is a minefield, don't get analysis paralysis, our report cuts through the background noise to highlight the most crucial data patterns, allowing you to make more informed decisions for your business.

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Social Monitoring Services

Facebook Monitor your audience growth and Facebook page trends. Understand what drives new followers with metrics like paid vs. organic "Likes". Use these insights and impress clients with a clear dashboard showing audience growth over time. Gain deeper insights on how your audience engages with your page. View shares, likes, and comments in your Facebook dashboard for each post. We make it easy for you to analyse these key metrics, so you can focus on your campaign strategy. Quickly identify Facebook posts with the highest reach in our dashboard. Analyse the audience demographics for your campaign. Then easily share these KPIs with management to show them the impact of your campaign. Discover which posts deliver the most engagement and highest reach, so you can focus on the content that works for your Facebook page.
Twitter See your social network growing and highlight how follower count has increased over time. followers are saturated with new content in their feed, so it's crucial to understand what stands out. Gain a deeper understanding of what tweets your followers engage with, so you can continue to share more of the content they want to see. Monitor likes, comments and shares for every tweet directly in the dashboard.
YouTube Our intuitive dashboard shows you the key Youtube metrics to evaluate your campaign's performance. Monitor new and lost subscribers month-over-month. Gain insight on where your subscribers are located and what devices they're using. Create content that targets your average subscribers' age and gender. With a better understanding of who makes up your audience, you can continue to deliver engaging content. See your insights to every one of your videos and watch them gaining traction.
Instagram Measure new followers over time so you can see the growth of your Instagram audience. Analyse our intuitive graphs to understand how engagement changes day-to-day. Easily spot photos with the most comments and likes, so you can keep sharing the content your followers love!
LinkedIn See exactly how your company's LinkedIn followers have engaged over time. Analyse social actions by type, with separate visualisations for shares, likes and comments. Compare engagement by day to isolate opportunities for further improvement. Understand exactly how far your reach and social influence extends across your network. See the total impressions and clicks over time with engaging, full color graphs. Enable an automated comparison against previous periods. While boosting total followers is a strong performance indicator, it’s equally important to attract the right followers. See that you're attracting your target market with a visual break down showing followers by company size, industry and job title. Determine the exact break down of paid versus organic followers to better plan for future work flow. Break down followers by geographic location, seniority level and industry.
Google+ Follower growth is revenue growth! See the progress you've made in growing your influence and contributing to your bottom line. Audience growth is crucial, but audience engagement is the true measure of a company's online influence. See exactly how your audience is engaging with Google Plus posts by demonstrating trends in replies, reshares and plus ones over time.

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Ad Monitoring Services

Google Ads Conversions are king! Put your client's conversion metrics front and centre. Provides you with actual live ad copy, alongside ad based metrics like clicks, impressions, average position and top ad landing pages plus keyword-by-keyword ads analysis. Dive deep with average position, clicks, impressions, conversions and a slew of other detailed metrics. We understand the most of our clients aren't necessarily marketers or "techies", and for many it's easy to get overwhelmed by details. Both our live dashboards and automated reports offer you high level, campaign based overview modules to convey just the right amount of information.
Facebook Ads Track conversions, clicks, impressions and cost at a granular level. Some of our clients might be tech-savvy marketing wizards that need to see every single Facebook Ads metric on an hourly basis. Others may be great at running their business, but completely clueless when it comes to analyzing PPC stats. Save time and frustration on both ends by viewing exactly which data points you can access in our custom PPC dashboard to prominently feature ROI based metrics (cost per conversion, conversions, conversion value etc), drawing your focus to the VALUE that your Facebook Ads provide. Deliver more appealing ads and increase engagement by gaining a deeper understanding of the individuals that make up your audience. Leverage gender, location, and age data across a variety of metrics to optimise and fine tune ad spend.
Bing Ads Comprehensive data at the campaign, ad group, keyword, and conversion levels. Leverage the most critical, industry standard metrics, including clicks, impressions, CTR, cost, and much more. Bing Ad data in a simple way to determine the trends that are actually driving revenue. Tweak and optimise your Bing Ad campaigns based on those insights and watch revenue soar!
AdRoll Next to conversions, cost is one of the most crucial KPIs that nearly all website owners want to keep tabs on. Get a breaking down of cost along a variety of dimensions like CPA, CTR, CPM and CPC. Streamlined PPC reporting at the campaign, ad group and ad level. Advanced, at-a-glance insights paired with intuitive, easy to understand reports rather than the native Adroll dashboard which leads to "information overload". Get the exact data you need, when you need it, with a live, dashboard.
LinkedIn Ads Graphically visualise your LinkedIn Ads bottom line using the metrics you care about most: Cost, Conversions and Conversion Rate. Targeting the right customer is the key to a successful campaign. Analyse campaign performance by industry, job role, country, and company size for deeper insights on your target audience.

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Call Tracking Services

Avanser Monitor your call tracking analytics. Visualise which campaigns prompt the most phone calls with gorgeous graphs that break down the source of new calls. Enhance your marketing campaigns with your newfound insights, so you can continue to deliver great results. Prominently display in both the dashboard and reports the total number of answered vs. missed calls. Analyse the time or day where calls are most frequently missed. Use these insights to help you reduce the number of leads that slip through the cracks. View the name, address and phone number for each call directly in the dashboard. Even listen to the mp3 recording for additional information about each new lead. Streamline your reporting process and save hours every month. Show the value youdelivers with beautiful call tracking reports that show the source and contact information for each new business lead.
Call Rail Analyse call tracking campaign performance with an extensive array of industry standard metrics. Monitor KPIs like caller name, source, data and phone number. Missed calls are missed opportunities. Monitor missed call related KPIs over time to analyse and eliminate this source of lost revenue. Utilise CallRail's Dynamic Number Insertion feature to monitor the entire visitor journey through your marketing funnel. See exactly which marketing campaigns (Adwords, Facebook, Organic Search, or print advertising) generated each individual call. Does you track website form submissions instead of calls? Include form leads too! A live dashboard that includes the contact information for every lead you generate.
Call Tracking Metrics AnalySe the total number of phone leads from each source for deeper insights into which channels are most effective. Leverage these insights to continue improving the performance of your campaigns. View real-time updates and recent calls directly in the dashboard. YOU will finally be able to find the information that matters most in one place. View name, phone number, time and location for each new lead. Even access call recordings for further details. A Missed call is a lost opportunity. AnalySe the time-of-day or day-of-week in order to optimize pickup rate. Use this information to help you avoid losing out on these valuable leads.
Marchex Stay up-to-date on phone leads generated in a single, intuitive dashboard. View crucial call metrics such as call DNA, time, location, contact details and more. Quickly access the information that you need. No more sorting through call notes or backlogs. Find the date, name and phone number for every new call through the Marchex integration. View a breakdown of missed vs. answered calls to identify potential lost leads with beautiful tables and charts. Demonstrate value brought to the table by tracking the total number of new phone leads generated over time. Be delighted to see total new calls generated day-to-day from your marketing campaigns.
What Converts Simple call tracking doesn't always tell the whole story. Get a holistic analysis of all leads, from all channels. Track and monitor phone calls and web form submissions, with granular attribution for both online and offline sources. Monitor transactions over time to identify the exact number of leads that converted into sales. Analyse conversion trends to further optimise campaign expenditure and phone staffing. Attribute the lead source for each specific phone call or web form submission. Determine whether a given lead came from PPC, organic search, and even print ad referrals and identify exactly which marketing campaigns are driving ROI. Determine the exact value of each lead and traffic source with WhatConverts' sales and quote value metrics.

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Email Monitoring Services

Campaign Monitor Analyse your email engagement metrics for every campaign in a single interface. View opens, unsubscribes, clicks, bounces and email for each campaign. Quickly identify emails with the highest open rate, so you can keep fine-tuning your strategy. Showcase month over month audience growth. Add key metrics for any email list to your reports to show which list had the most growth.
Mailchimp Watch graphs populate in real time. Review email opens, link clicks, unsubscribes, audience growth and more at both a campaign and list level. Up to the minute "open" and "click through" data on campaigns that have just been sent. Showcase month over month audience growth. Measure clicks and opens at a list or campaign level. Impress with detail down to the individual subscriber level.
Constant Contact Most of our clients are busy business owners, juggling multiple information streams coming in at warp speed. Our stunning report layouts, with full color charts and graphs, cut through the noise and encourage clients to engage with the data at a deeper level. Intuitive visual comparisons of clicks and opens over time help you to make better optimisation decisions for improved campaign performance, having the ability to view your email marketing data on demand.
Active Campaign No more unwieldy spreadsheets or pixelated screenshots! Impress and save time with our beautiful email marketing reports. Save on labour time each month. Quickly visualize engagement metrics for each email campaign in a single dashboard screen. View engagement metrics like clicks, shares and open rate in an at-a-glance format. Use these insights to pinpoint your top performing campaigns and continue to refine your email marketing strategy. Stay up-to-date on overall subscriber activity for each email list. View the total number of subscribers across all lists or dive deeper into each one individually. Monitor the number of unsubscribes, opens, and clicks both historically, and in real-time as those metrics are generated.

Email campaign monitor

Review Monitoring Services

Yext Brand reputation can turn on a dime. Our Yext marketing dashboard aggregates reviews from Facebook, Google, Yelp, and hundreds of other sites around the web, helping you to graphically visualise overall customer sentiment. Measure the ways in which customers engage with reviews and listings in the form of phone calls, website clicks and driving directions. Isolate review sites that prompt customers to take action, then optimise those site listings for additional reviews, traffic and revenue. Dive deep into the age and gender of your reviewers, as well as the devices used to write reviews and ratings. Comparisons between reviewer demographics and overall site demographics can lead to fresh and unexpected insights!
BirdEye Visually chart customer sentiment about your brand as it changes over time. Track positive, neutral and negative reviews by day, week or month. See exactly how your audience feels/felt about your brand at any specific point in time. With the proliferation of review sites, monitoring both positive and negative reviews in a timely manner can be a full time job. Our BirdEye reporting dashboard makes it easy to manage and react to reviews at scale. See every review, from every site, and react in seconds. Track aggregate star rating over time. Perhaps a client's rating was a 4.6, but dipped to a 3.8 on a specific date last month? Now you can review events from that date and look at the specific users whose ratings caused the dip. Where are the majority of your ratings and reviews coming from? Whether it's Facebook, Google, Yelp, or an obscure industry site, our dashboards and review reports break down the top sites that are driving reviews.
GradeUs Keep tabs on current customer sentiment. Leverage historical trends to optimiSe for higher ratings. SEE the exact state of your business's online reputation. With the proliferation of review sites in recent years, reputation management at scale can pose a challenge to businesses. Overall customer sentiment and brand reputation can fluctuate based on a variety of factors, and can change in a heartbeat. Visualise current or historical customer sentiment over any given time period. Cross-reference this data to past client business events to prepare for future reputation shifts. Customers expect businesses to engage in real-time, 24/7. Read reviews from any site across the web instantly, from one centralised location. React quickly to negative reviews and defuse potential problems before they escalate. Similarly, react asap to positive reviews to turn happy customers into lifelong fans.

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Online Monitoring

For All Your Metrics

How great would it be if you didn't have to log into your social media, Google Analytics, Mailchimp or Constant Content accounts and more and spend a whole heap of time checking the reults and data. Well now you can....

It take a lot of time to understand all of the data that Google Analytics provides, the main things you want to be able to see at a glance are available via our SEO monitoring services, easy to understand and not only this but you can monitor so many other metrics for other SEO functions. Contact Us for a call back to discuss monitoring services.

SEO is important, but more importantly is being able to see what is and is not working in terms of your SEO. Whether you pay an outside SEO Company or undertake you SEO in-house, you want to see your progress. Our SEO Monitoring services offers you:

  • Ranking Monitor
  • SEO Audit
  • Backlink Checker
  • Optional Extra - Backlink Manager for you and staff to use to plan backlinks and build publish them
  • Competition Monitor
  • Google Search Console Reporting
  • Google My Business Monitoring
  • Bing Webmaster Tools Reporting

All in one place! One login give you access to SEO reporting and more.Contact Us for a call back to discuss SEO monitoring.

How are you doing socialy online as a business? What likes, follower, reach and engaement are your efforts achieving? Important information so you can learn what appeals to your audiences and what does not! This allows you to refine your online social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Channels you can monitor:

  • Facebook - Likes, Engagement, Reach & Posts
  • Twitter - Insights & Feed
  • YouTube - Overview, Engagement, Demographics & Videos
  • Instagram - Insights & Feed
  • Linkedin - Engagement, Demographic & Feed
  • Google+ - Insights & Feed

That's right you can see all of this plus everything above and below all on one login! So much time to save so you can focus on other things.

Midpoint Design offers SEO reporting services and analysis. You can take control of your own SEO and monitor you online success! Contact Us for a call back to discuss monitoring services.

If you place Ads online using various advertising platforms, you know you can waste away your entire working day check up on Ad performance. How much time can you save by seeing it all in one place? Well now you can monitor all these:

  • Google Ads - Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads & Conversions
  • Facebook Ads - Campaings, Ad Sets, Ads & Demographics
  • Bing Ads - Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords & Conversions
  • AdRoll - Campaigns, Ad Groups & Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads - Campaigns, Ads & Demographics

We are sure you are already seeing great value in having everything in one place to monitor! Get in touch for SEO Monitoring Services

Using online calling software? Want to view results, you can monitor the following:

  • Avanser
  • Call Rail - Calls & Forms
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • Marchex
  • What Converts

See Answered Vs Missed calls, Top sources, phonecalls, transactions, web forms depending on which accounts you use. Get in touch for Monitoring Services

If you market via emails to you list, you can monitor results in one place when using some of the most popular email marketing platforms:

  • Campaign Monitor - Campaigns & Lists
  • Mailchimp - Campaigns & Lists
  • Constant Contact - Campaigns
  • Active Campaign - Campaign & Lists

Get in touch for SEO Monitoring Services

If you use review sites to help with Trust ratings, you can monitor results in one place when using the following review platforms:

  • Yext - Overview, Reach, Engagement, Demographics & Reviews
  • BirdEye - Overieview & Reviews
  • Grade Us - Overview & Reviews

All of the above in one place! That is a big amount of time saving to be able to log in once and see everything you need to check, without it taking up a day or more of your working week. Get in touch for Monitoring Services