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From profile and business page set-up to planning your posts. We help you to become active on Facebook.

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Profile Creation, Tweet planning and engagement to grow your audience. Get help to plan your Twitter strategy.

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Create a YouTube Channel, brainstorm video idea's, embed them on your website, link to pages of your website, start engaging. Video is a powerful tool.

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Profile creation, learn how to use Instagram for business purposes, plan your updates and monitor your progress.

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Learn why LinkedIn is good for Business to Business networking, how to grow your audience and set up your profile constructively. Engage and rank in the percentage of all your connections.

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Get your profile set-up and plan out posts to gain followers which in turn will become website visitors that you can convert into paying customers.


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Grow Socially Online

Post - Grow - Engage

Do not dismiss Social Media as not being platforms in which you can attract customers. Some are great for business to business and others open you up to such a wide range of consumers you may otherwise be unable to reach so quickly. You can literally steal traffic from Social Media sites onto your own website if you grab their attention. Then you are halfway to getting paying customers.

Having you branding in place is also important for Social Media as you are protraying a corporate image and want to become a memorable, reputable brand to your audience. Midpoint Design offers branding services. Contact Us for a call back to discuss branding.

If you are boosting yourself online via social media, is your website up to date? Does it render on tablets and smart phones and multiple different screen devices?

Is your content enough to captivate your audience to stay and surf through your websites pages and ultimately is there a clear call to action that you would like your visitors to take? You website needs to be good enough for a visitor to want to stay and learn more. Just think how many times have you visited a website and immediately left as you did not find what you were expecting? It happens! Contact Us for a call back to discuss content writing and web design services.

So, you have a website, does it rank organically in the search engines? Do you know? What search terms is your website listed for in the search engines? Does anyone actually search for those terms each month? SEO is something you need to pay attention to in todays online world. You have online competition and you need to keep an eye on them too! It's vital to know who your competitors are and what advantages you have as an offering.

When you enlist the help of our SEO Consultants, you not only get your on-page SEO under control but your offline SEO too, this service also covers Social Media Marketing factors.

When your SEO is planned out, mapped out and a blueprint is in place for anyone internally within your business to work with, you can also put this into play when it comes to your Social Media marketing and when you are adding regular content to you website such as an online blog, this in turn gives you more things you can post about on Social Media.

When you post on social media - are you considering both your audience and your SEO? Linking to the right pages in-line with your SEO planning can really show up on your sites analytics statistics, you will see what is working and what is not, be able to track posts, landing pages of your website, if the visitors came from your social media channels and more.

You have so much data available to you, so that you can really begin to understand who your customers are and build up customer personas to captivate other things your potential customers may also have a common interest in. How does this fit in with Social Media? Well....that we can teach you when you use Midpoint Design for your SEO consultancy.

Midpoint Design offers start-up SEO consultancy, keyword research, monthly SEO services, SEO reporting services and analysis. You can take control of your own SEO or you can put it in our hands - it's your business, your decision! Contact Us for a call back to discuss SEO.

Social Media is a great leverage for website owners, you can drive traffic from your social following to your website as an added way to obtain new business online. You can also grow your social audiences to get even more online coverage and reach to potential new business.

So, how do you portray your business online socially? Depending if you focus is business to business or business to consumer there are many social platforms out there which can work to your advantage. It does take regular effort and our team can provide consultation on social engagement, for planning and growing your audiences. It is also very useful for rolling our product launches, special offers, doing some research or simply establishing your brand as a trusted industry expert. Contact Us for a call back to discuss Social Media Consultancy services.